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        High speed machining center control system

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/6/28 16:35:46 Hits:689
        CNC control system is an important part of high speed machining center. It determines the speed, accuracy and surface quality of machine tool to a great extent. Therefore, the performance of CNC system is of great importance to high-speed machine tools for machining freeform surfaces of dies.
        High precision machining of freeform surface, the tool path is composed of micro segment of line and arc caused by large parts of the program, the flow of data to storage and processing, the machine tool control system so the block processing time is an important indicator to determine CNC control system efficiency. At present, the program segment processing time generally reach 0.5ms grade CNC control system (iTNC530 control system such as the Dehan), and block processing time for individual CNC system has been shortened to 0.2 ~ 0.4ms.
        The modern CNC system used in high speed machining, in addition to ensure high-speed feed speed necessary for short processing time, but also should have Nurbs and spline interpolation function, and can work with nanometer resolution, so that in the case of high speed machining to obtain high machining accuracy and surface quality.
        At present, the high-end CNC system can also be connected with the CAD/CAM system of different manufacturers, and the data from the CAD/CAM system is transmitted to the control system at high speed through ethernet. CAD/CAM integrated into the control system, to a large extent can make the mold complex contour processing achieve good results, and shorten the adjustment time and programming time make a very important contribution.
        In the five axis high speed machine above quoted, in addition to the R E Er company is using the CNC system developed by ourselves, the other is mainly used in the SIEMENS iTNC530 CNC system 840D and Heidenhain company.
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