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        Suzhou high speed engraving & milling machine supplier

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/6/28 16:36:14 Hits:744
        Xiao Bian today and we talk about Suzhou high-speed engraving milling machine supplier
        Applicable to plastic mold industry, metal mold industry, engraving mold industry, automotive industry and other molds, products processing.
        Suitable for copper electrode milling, engraving processing, so that the electrode processing to reach the fastest, the most accurate, the most light, the brightest, is the best electrode machining machine tools. Additional protection devices can also be used to process graphite electrodes.
        Applicable to precision small steel mold, small five gold mold, glasses mold, watches, zippers, trademarks, toys, handicrafts and other hardware, mold and product processing.
        Can be used for all types of aluminum and other parts of the precision machining, increase the Z axis stroke, to ensure that processing all kinds of toys and electrical appliances, shell, hand plate.
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